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Published on April 27, 2018

New Procedure for Treating an Enlarged Prostate Provides Relief

Photo of Robert Kloc, with the UroLift System he has received relief from an enlarged prostrate.After the UroLife procedure, Robert Kloc says he not only feels great, but has a tremendous amount of relief.

Robert Kloc is a typical 65 year-old. He stays on top of his health through preventive screenings and adheres to his medication regimen, but as a male in his 60’s, Kloc acknowledged that some aspects of his age were starting to catch up with him. It is common for men over 60 to experience discomfort associated with an enlarged prostate including frequent need to urinate, weak urinary stream, and urinary urgency.

Kloc shared that having an urgency to urinate but not being able to produce very much were regular problems for him. These issues would bother him well into the night, waking him up with terrible discomfort. He had been on prostate medication, which helped considerably, but he was ready to reduce his medication intake, as well as the associated side effects. One day he was surfing the internet when he stumbled upon a targeted ad for the UroLift® System.

The UroLift procedure is a minimally invasive approach to treating an enlarged prostate, or BPH, that lifts or holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra.

He consulted with his primary care physician and was given a referral for Urologist Karla Witzke, D.O. “After exploring pharmacological options, Dr. Witzke gave me a pamphlet for the UroLift System,” said Kloc. “It was the procedure she recommended for me.”

Kloc spoke well of the procedure. “There was minimal discomfort and the outpatient procedure was straightforward; nothing to worry about,” he said. “I went into the office in the morning and was on my feet doing work at home that evening.” Kloc believes Dr. Witzke and her staff made it very easy. “Dr. Witzke prepared me for a little burning after the procedure, but that went away within a couple of days,” he added. “I was also told there would be some bleeding, but it resolved itself by the end of the week as expected without issue. I had the procedure on a Tuesday and by that weekend, I was out hunting!”

Kloc was highly pleased with Dr. Witzke and her staff. “She listened to my concerns and offered solutions,” he said. “She was very knowledge and had a great bedside manner. From my perspective everything met my expectations and my experience with MidMichigan Health was great.”

Dr. Witzke recommends the UroLift procedure for those who have obstructive voiding due to an enlarged prostate and cannot tolerate the side effects of medication. For the appropriate patients, she prefers this treatment method over other procedures as the data shows longevity and efficacy. “There is less morbidity with this procedure, it can be done with light sedation, and there is no cutting,” she said. “This combination means that the procedure can be done the same-day with no foley catheter needed at discharge.”

According to Dr. Witzke, it’s an “easy-fix,” covered by most insurance and it’s long-lasting. “Patients are normally able to resume their regular activities promptly and are able to discontinue their prostate medications,” she added. “The clips used are titanium so it allows for future MRIs and they are also easy to reposition or remove should any issue ever arise. Most patients recover with no time-off from work and with only a temporary restriction for heavy lifting. Additionally, the procedure does not preclude patients from having further prostate surgery.”

Kloc feels that life after the procedure is much improved. “I was able to stop taking my prostate medication,” he said. “I sleep almost until morning without having to get up to urinate and my urine stream is getting stronger. Nothing would stop me from having the procedure again. I not only feel great, I have a tremendous amount of relief.”

Those who would like more information about the UroLift procedure or would like to inquire about become a patient of Dr. Witzke, may contact her office at (989) 839-1386.