Published on October 30, 2018

She Found a Volunteer Opportunity Where She Felt ‘Right at Home’

Photo of Suzie Knoff, MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland Volunteer Services in the Gift Shop.

At MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland, Suzie Knoff found a volunteer opportunity where she felt right at home.

When Suzie Knoff’s fifth child left for college, and her husband’s work schedule included frequent travel, she needed something to fill her “way too quiet” evenings. She had a couple of ideas to help occupy her time. One was participating in art classes and the second was finding a volunteer opportunity.

Luckily, her employment with MidMichigan Health made it convenient for her to find a volunteer opening where she felt right at home. “The commitment is minimal, but allows opportunities for additional time if desired, and the position fit around my work schedule,” Knoff said. “I found the perfect spot on the Gift Shop team.” Knoff has been employed at MidMichigan Health for 14 years, and has been a Gift Shop volunteer for two and a half years.

“I really love the relationships I’ve developed with my co-volunteers and the time spent talking with patients, families and friends,” she said. “It often becomes obvious that shoppers really just need someone to talk to, and we can offer that support. The Gift Shop also has a great reputation for having excellent products and it’s fun to see the excitement employees and guests have when they find just the right gift.”

Knoff encourages anyone who is interested to learn more about becoming a volunteer. “MidMichigan Health volunteers really have rewarding ‘jobs,’” she said. “Time commitments are reasonable, relationship building with other volunteers is fun and we contribute to the excellent experience patients and families have at MidMichigan.”

Those who would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer at MidMichigan Health, may visit

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