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Published on December 19, 2013

Family Receives Special Visit at Home

Ferrett Family with SantaWhen Cody Ferrett, father of 10-week-old twins, Aubriella and Connor, was asked if twins were common in the family, his response was, “No. We just got lucky!”

Cody and his wife, Bryanna Ferrett, had a 2-year-old son, Brayden, when the twins arrived on Sept. 30, 2013. For the first month, the couple enjoyed the normal highs, and navigated the normal lows of learning to maintain the sleeping, feeding and changing schedules of two newborns while keeping in sync with big brother Brayden’s schedule. After the first month, Bryanna became aware that something seemed seriously wrong with baby Connor.

After a referral to the University of Michigan Hospital, Connor was diagnosed with Werdnig Hoffman disease, otherwise known as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA.) The family was able to take Connor back home to Midland to receive hospice services at their residence.

The MidMichigan Home Care hospice team, following the universal hospice philosophy that hospice is for both the patient and the family, began treating Connor medically and tending to the needs of the Ferrett family. Bryanna said, “Hospice has been amazing. I could not be any more comfortable with them. We have many people coming to our home to help us in many ways. It’s a blessing.”

In addition to caring for three children, Cody and Bryanna are busy trying to let people know about SMA and some of the proactive steps they are taking to rally support for Connor. The family has a Facebook page in Connor’s name that includes daily updates, photos and a link to an ongoing fund raiser to assist with the family’s expenses during this time of Connor’s illness.

Cody said, “The amount of support we are receiving is impossible to describe.”Members of the couple’s church, hospice volunteers and other community members have been helping with running errands, dropping off gifts and food and helping care for the children in the couple’s busy home.

On Dec. 13, 2014, after hearing that Connor’s condition prevented him from leaving the home any longer, MidMichigan Home Care invited one of the hospice program’s very special friends to visit Connor, Aubriella and Brayden at home. Santa Claus arrived with a bag of toys for the children. Cody and Bryanna were grateful that Connor wouldn’t miss out on visiting Santa.

For updates on Connor, and to learn about the ways to assist the Ferrett family, please visit the Facebook page, by a search for Connor Ferrett. For information regarding the upcoming benefit dinner, contact Katie Koltvedt at (989) 482-9410. For information regarding MidMichigan Home Care hospice services, please call (800)862-5002.