MidMichigan Health Advisory Council 

Role and Responsibilities

The Advisory Council of MidMichigan Health is a representative group of volunteer members who live and work in the regions served by MidMichigan Health. As Advisory Council members they advise health system leaders on issues of interest and concern to the region. Those issues include such topics as perceptions on quality of care, access to health services, unmet needs and opportunities for collaboration.

Advisory Council members are loyal to MidMichigan Health and are committed to our Mission of providing excellent health services to improve the quality of life for people in our communities. Members come from the various constituencies of MidMichigan Health including business, social service agencies, education, health care, the clergy, etc. 

Core Responsibilities

The Advisory Council provides a link between MidMichigan Health and our communities. They complement the oversight functions of MidMichigan Health, and they assist MidMichigan Health’s executive staff. Advisory Council members:

Serve as a Link to our Communities

    • Act as an ambassador and advocate of MidMichigan Health
    • Build strategic support for MidMichigan Health among key community groups and stakeholders
    • Connect MidMichigan with grassroots movements within the community 

Complement the Work of MidMichigan Health’s Boards of Directors and Administration

    • Provide counsel on program development when requested
    • Provide input on select operational issues when requested
    • Inform MidMichigan Health of community needs and opportunities to improve health status

Assist MidMichigan Health with Organizational Activities, to the extent possible

    • Participate in fundraising at a level that is personally comfortable
    • Attend community education programs and community events sponsored by MidMichigan
    • Attend meetings at the request of administration as an opportunity for MidMichigan Health updates and dialogue 


In order to perpetuate the membership, additional members will be recruited from the regions served by MidMichigan. Prospective members are invited to complete an online form requesting membership. These candidates for membership would be reviewed approved by the Governance & Nominating Committee. The MidMichigan Health Board of Directors reserves the right to disapprove and/or remove any member for any reason.