Thank You!

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Our donors make the impossible possible for the patients and family members we serve.

As a way of saying thanks, we have established an annual donor recognition program that totals all contributions that a donor makes to MidMichigan Health Foundation for support given during the calendar year.

Donor List

  • Photo of a pharmacist assisting a patient.

    100% of Your Contributions Help

    Your donations help assist patients who need help purchasing necessary medication.


  • Photo of a medical student who has graduated from college.lth Leadership Award.

    Scholarship Opportnities

    Your donations help students who need financial assistance to advance their health care careers.

    Donate Today!

  • Photo of a child with a nurse offering comforting care.

    Contributions to the MidMichigan Health Foundation Offer Comforting Support

    Your support buys a stuffed animal for a frightened child to make them feel safe and comfortable during their care.


  • Photo of main helping a person in a wheelchair with Center - Midland to support diabetes patient education.

    Generous Donations Support Transportation Needs

    Your generous donation help offer transporation services for those who need a medical visit.


  • Photo of nurse helping a patient use a - Midland to support diabetes patient education.

    Your Donation Help Support Medical Equipment Needs

    Your generous donation offer support for those who may need medical equipment.

    Donate Today!

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When you respond to the health care needs of MidMichigan Health with a donation, you make a noticeable difference in the lives of our patients and families. That means you are making a difference for your family, friends, neighbors and other community members.

Why Give to MidMichigan Health Foundation?

Advancing the health and wellness of individuals and families in your community makes your hometown stronger. Better health enables people to live better lives. They contribute to their own well-being and success — they can work, go to school and they don't require as much health care.

When you give to MidMichigan Health Foundation or your local MidMichigan medical center, 100% of your gift goes to support patients and families. Your donations help support:

  • Community educational programs
    • Baby care and child-infant CPR
    • Childbirth and breastfeeding classes
    • Pre-diabetes education
    • Tobacco cessation counseling
  • Community health outreach for at-risk individuals
  • Medical equipment and technology
  • Medication-purchasing assistance
  • Medical supplies and financial aid for patients in need
  • Patient medical care not covered by insurance
  • Research
  • Student scholarships for health care fields
  • Staff salary support and education
  • Transportation assistance to and from a medical visit

Choose What You Want to Support

When you donate, you can choose which health care need or current campaign you want to support, from advanced equipment and technology to patient financial support for unplanned services. Your gift will support health care needs in your local hometown or within the region—it’s your choice.

Select from different types of giving available to fit your needs or you may prefer planned giving for a lasting contribution toward helping others. Or establish an endowment to help grow funds for future health care needs. We will work with you to find an option that appeals to you.

Current Campaigns

Support an existing campaign at MidMichigan Health. Your gift makes a difference in people’s lives.

Foundation Events

MidMichigan Health Foundation events promote healthy communities and are fun for the whole family. Events include:

Get Involved

Getting involved in your local communites can make a difference in someone's life while meeting new people. We have multiple opportunities for you to get involved through volunteering while giving back and making a difference through fundraising. We have programs affiliated with all of our medical centers.

How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Help improve patient lives and health care in your community. Donate to MidMichigan Health Foundation, MidMichigan Home Care or a MidMichigan medical center of your choice today:

Donate Now

If you have questions about donating, please contact us at (989) 839-1932.