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Community Health Needs Assessment for Alma, Clare, Gladwin and Midland, Michigan

MidMichigan Health's Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) supports our Mission to provide excellent health services to improve quality of life. These reports create a picture of the health status of the people living in the regions we serve. The following are areas of need and action for measureable improvement. Our community outreach activities are based upon our Community Health Needs Assessment Plans.

Area of Need


Action Focus

Access to Care


Initiation and coordination of care. Continuity of services between acute and chronic health care needs to achieve seamless care. It impacts all other areas. Particular concern for the underinsured and uninsured.

Health Outcomes:

Heart Disease, Cancer & Diabetes

Risk factors as well as populations at risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Referrals and follow-up care resultant from preventive clinical services and health screenings to detect early onset of illness and disease

Health Care Behaviors

Behaviors important to long term health like a healthy diet, regular physical activity, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. They can be modified for health improvement.

Maternal and Infant Health

Improved pregnancy and postpartum health behaviors to improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and infants.


Download Community Health Needs Assessment Plans

As you read this assessment you will discover facts and figures which may be new information for you. You will also learn about MidMichigan’s past, present and approach toward improving health status. We appreciate your focus on this topic and welcome your comments and suggestions, and yes, encouragement. Please share them with our Community Education Coordinator at (989) 839-1886 or email.  

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