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Community Benefits at MidMichigan Health

Community benefits are programs and services designed to improve the community’s health and increase access to health care. Often MidMichigan Health provides these services on a free or discounted basis.

Our Financial Contribution to Health

Community outreach activities are based upon our Community Health Needs Assessment Plans, and our financial contribution reflects the costs incurred. During fiscal year 2012, MidMichigan Health's total contribution to community health was $88 million in charity care, community benefit, uncompensated care and unreimbursed Medicare for the more than 700,000 people in our 14-county region.

Improving health in the middle of Michigan is a daunting challenge too large to belong to any single organization or group. That is why MidMichigan has so many partnerships and collaborations and has looked to many sources for quantitative and qualitative information on health status and what can be done to address it.