Volunteer Opportunities at MidMichigan Medical Center - Mt. Pleasant

MidMichigan Medical Center – Mt. Pleasant is accepting applications for kind-hearted volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, ages and education levels. Our volunteers have unique reasons for volunteering their time and skills. Volunteers have the opportunity to be of service to our patients, their families, the staff and the greater community while also gaining the personal satisfaction of knowing that they have helped others.

There are many benefits of volunteering:

  • Meet people and make new friends
  • Offer your skills and caring spirit
  • Gain satisfaction from an accomplishment
  • Make a difference
  • Feel needed and appreciated
  • Add to your resume
  • Continue a connection after retirement
  • Explore possible career opportunities in the healthcare field
  • Learn new skills
  • Be creative and productive in your leisure time
  • Serve in a leadership role

A minimum commitment of two (2) shifts per month in the service area of your choice is required. However, volunteers may fill as many shifts as their schedule allows. We request a volunteer commits to actively volunteering for a minimum of six (6) months per calendar year.

Volunteer Opportunities

Reception Services:

  • Main and South Entrance Reception Services: volunteers greet and welcome patients and guests at the Medical Center’s two entrances. Additional services include directing patients, relaying messages, providing customers way-finding and escort services throughout the Medical Center.

Patient Support Services:

  • Infusion Center Service: volunteers provide direct assistance to outpatients and their families in a variety of ways to supplement personalized care such as nutritional foods and beverages, warm blankets, etc.

Fundraising Service - all proceeds donated to MidMichigan Medical Center - Mt. Pleasant:

  • Special Fund Raising Events: Volunteers host and assist with various fund raisers (i.e. linens, gifts, books, jewelry, candy, logo wear) held at the Medical Center throughout the year.

Apply for a Volunteer Opportunity

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please apply for a volunteer opportunity. We'll work with you to find a service opportunity that fits both your interest and schedule.

Instructions: How to Apply for Volunteer Opportunities

If you need assistance, please contact our Volunteer Services Manager, Anna Parker-McDonald at (989) 466-7118 or anna.parker-mcdonald@midmichigan.org.

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