Vendor Credentialing Process

MidMichigan Health has implemented a credentialing program to ensure that all vendors and their representatives are appropriately screened, oriented, and receive training in MidMichigan Health policies prior to conducting business with any MidMichigan Health subsidiary.

This policy will help improve patient safety by assuring that vendor representatives are who they say they are, are trained to provide the services we expect them to provide, and have the appropriate clearance to be in the MidMichigan Health area(s) we expect them to be in. It will benefit vendors by facilitating access to MidMichigan Health facilities and personnel to conduct business.

Steps to Follow BEFORE Providing Services

Vendor companies and their representatives must follow the required steps below for obtaining credentials.

Register with Vendormate

Step 1

Register with Vendormate

Determine at Risk Category

Step 2

Vendormate has three (3) Risk Categories for vendors providing services for the health system. Each category has its own requirements that must be met. Determine the category that best fits you and complete the requirements.

At Risk Categories

Low Risk - Vendor representatives conducting business offsite via phone, email or fax.

Medium Risk - Vendor representatives conducting business onsite with access to public areas and private offices but no access to patient care areas.

  • Representatives visiting Purchasing/Contract Management
  • Representatives meeting with management

High Risk - Vendor representatives conducting business on site with access to high risk security areas and with some patient contact or direct patient care.

  • Representatives in the Operating Room
  • Invasive Imaging/Cardiac Cath Lab Representatives
  • Pacemaker Representatives
  • Orthotic Representatives
  • Tissue/Organ Bank employees
  • Equipment Representatives

Risk Category Requirements

Step 3

View the Supplier/Vendor Credentialing Risk Category Requirements document and determine your requirements. Vendor representatives in the High Risk category may have additional requirements for the areas in which they intend to provide services. Any additional requirements can be obtained from the area MidMichigan Health management or designee.

Mobile or On-Site Check-In Locations

Step 4

If coming on-site, you can check-in using Vendormate's mobile app or one of the kiosks located at the following locations. If using the mobile app, please do not check-in any earlier than 1 hour prior to arrival.

Kiosks Locations

MidMichigan Medical Center - Alpena
  • Hospital Entrance Lobby
MidMichigan Medical Center - Clare
  • Hospital Entrance Lobby
MidMichigan Medical Center - Gladwin
  • Hospital Entrance Lobby
MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot
  • Hospital Entrance Lobby
  • Outpatient Services Entrances Vestibule
MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland
  • Hospital Entrance Lobby
  • Orchard Building Entrance Vestibule
  • Towsley Building Entrance
MidMichigan Medical Center - West Branch
  • Hospital Entrance Lobby

Print Badge

Step 5

Remotely print a badge up to 1 day prior to arrival or print badge at one of the kiosks listed above.

Additional Training

Step 6

If you require additional orientation or training, the MidMichigan Health manager or designee, you are working with, will coordinate this training.

All vendors and non-employees are required to follow MidMichigan Health's Identification and Check-in Policy at all times when providing care, treatment or services on all MidMichigan Health campuses. Acknowledgement of this policy is required as part of the vendor credentialing process on the Vendormate registration site.

Contact Purchasing

For general inquiries, please email purchasing.

For questions about the credentialing process, email vendor credentialing.