Additional Information

Below are additional policies, requirements and expectations that all suppliers, vendors and non-employees visiting any MidMichigan Health facility must abide by.

4.1 Tobacco-Free Policy

To promote the health and welfare of all individuals on the campuses of MidMichigan Health, a tobacco-free environment has been adopted. Tobacco products are defined as chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other lighted smoking devices. Use of these tobacco products is not permitted on any MidMichigan Health campus, including:

  • All buildings including the Medical Centers and Medical Office Buildings
  • Buildings being constructed or renovated, leased, or other temporary structures
  • The outside grounds
  • Sidewalks on the campuses
  • Parking lots and parking ramps, including private vehicles parked in these areas
  • Out-lawns and sidewalks surrounding the campuses
  • Residential streets, private property and sidewalks adjacent to the campuses

Please extinguish all smoking materials prior to arrival on campus.

View MidMichigan's Tobacco-Free Policy

4.2 Parking Policy/Driving Directions

All non-employees in all situations need to consider the parking needs of our patients and visitors ahead of their own personal desire for convenient parking. Non-employees are not to park in patient, visitor, or other restricted areas. Park only in areas designated as "Open Parking."

4.3 Dress Code

This is the minimum dress code for non-employees while conducting business of any kind on MidMichigan Health property:

Appearance Standards

  • Clothing must be clean and in good condition
  • Clothing should be of proper fit
  • Pants and slacks must not be so long that they drag on the floor
  • No low cut tops as to expose cleavage or midriff
  • Skirts should be worn at an appropriate length
  • Pants should be at an appropriate position to not expose the stomach or backside areas either with standing or dynamic activity
  • At no time should undergarments be visible


  • To be neat and clean
  • During direct patient care hair will be worn back from face
  • All beards and mustaches must be closely cropped and neatly trimmed

Name Badge

  • Low risk category representatives, please wear your company issued name badge
  • Medium/High category representatives will print a badge through Vendormate or will be issued a badge
  • Name badge must be worn and be visible at all times while on the MidMichigan Health property
  • Name badge must be worn above waist level
  • Name badges must be free of stickers, pins, or other personal articles


  • No facial jewelry beyond the ears allowed
  • Tattoos should be covered whenever possible


  • Nails must be clean and trimmed short
  • Artificial nails and nail polish are prohibited in the patient care areas


  • All Non-employees must be clean and free of body odor
  • Avoid perfumes, colognes and other heavily scented products in patient care areas

Personal Conduct

  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in the patient care areas

4.4 Enforcement

Any non-employee may be directed to immediately cease work and/or leave MidMichigan Property by the area management and/or Purchasing Manager if:

  • A non-employee is found to be working without completing the appropriate requirements or without proper identification.
  • A non-employee displays disruptive behavior and other actions or behaves in a manner that violates MidMichigan Health policies and/or disrupts MidMichigan Health staff in the performance of his or her duties.

Contact Purchasing

For general inquiries, please email purchasing.

For questions about the credentialing process, email vendor credentialing.