Neuro Medical Unit

Fast Facts

  • Average Daily Census FY2020
  • Nurse to Pt Ratio
  • Shifts
    Traditional 12 hr/shifts; 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., 7 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  • Certifications Available

The Neuro Medical Unit at MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland is a distinctive and well-versed area of care that strives for excellence. Over the years, the complexity of patients admitted to the Unit has continued to increase along with the demand for the service. With a portion of the Unit being stepdown based, or what is considered high acuity neuro-based patients, allows the staff to give a stronger quality of evidence-based care, supported by a unique neurological-based training that each staff member completes.

The patient population for this unit is diversified, with a unique abundance of patient types, including neurological and medical patients, as well as a high turnover rate. This allows the nurses on this unit to exhibit an incredible and diverse knowledge base and critical thinking skill, extraordinary teamwork, proficiency, compassion, independence, and competence toward their patient’s needs in a fast-paced setting. The Neuro Medical Unit has numerous strengths to offer and considers their unit staff a family that will do their best to give their patient’s the most excellent care.

The Neuro Medical Unit is supported by a multidisciplinary team as well as management who encourage ongoing education and professional growth. Nurses are encouraged to participate in unit-based or system-wide teams, further their education with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, strive for certifications, and overall improve the quality of care given and morale between the team and patients by using a shared governance model.