Nursing Education & Professional Development Council

This system nursing council works to promote the professional development of all nurses throughout MidMichigan Health by creating a culture that encourages life-long learning and professional development. The council is comprised of nurses in various specialty areas from all subsidiaries, all dedicated to engaging their colleagues in professional development.

The Nursing Education and Professional Development Council has developed and is responsible for maintaining the Registered Nurses with Education, Achievement, and Compassion for Healthcare (REACH) program, which is a professional advancement program designed to reward and recognize nurses for their professional growth. Currently, the Education and Professional Development council is collaborating with the Research Council to create a nursing video library. The goal of this library is to encourage nurses to use Evidence-based Practice (EBP) to create their own educational videos on topics that are impactful to them while also providing them with a platform to share their results with their colleagues. The council was also responsible for implementing a more meaningful method for determining competencies throughout the health system.